In-Game UI
This is a markup of the in game UI I designed for project called The Astral Parcel Service (TAPs), where you control a little robot propelling himself through space with a never ending fire extinguisher, dodging asteroids to deliver as many packages to clients before the work day ends. 
(a) Location marker that shows where each shaped package needs to go.
(b) Arrow that indicates which direction you will be propelled when you click the left mouse button.
(c) Countdown timer that indicates how much time you have left to deliver packages.

Gameplay Markup

Gameplay Gif

Main Menu
This was actually the first thing I designed for this project, and what initially got me excited for it. The menu is that main character Zip's face, and their eyes look at which option the player highlights with their mouse

Final In-Game Product

Initial Mockup

Dialogue Screens
The first screen displays before each level, and is the vehicle for the game's narrative. The second screenshot shows the tutorial dialogue box shown at the beginning of the game.

Exposition Between Levels

In-Game Tutorial Dialogue

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